Monday, April 7, 2014

(Grilling) Season's Greetings

Our first outdoor grilling was last week and the balmier weather is just calling the grill's name, is it not?  We did not grill nearly as much as we would've liked last year, but we surely mean to rectify that gross oversight this year. This is the time of year to also take stock of your grilling supplies.  For my West Virginia/Ohio peeps, might I suggest a visit to my favorite hometown hang The Greenhouse in St. Marys?  Not only is it a beautiful location to simply stop by and check out the stately historic store and serene lake, but they have everything you could want for grilling season. Grilling utensils and gadgets, rubs, sauces and marinades (such as my current favorites Dizzy Pig and Urban Accents) and well, of course, the grills themselves.  The Greenhouse is, after all, an Alliance Level Weber Grill Dealer.  The Summit grill alone has to be seen to be believed. 

Ok, full disclosure, the owner is one of my best friends, but my love for her business The Greenhouse only grows every year and for good reason: they embody excellent customer service and always carry exciting food lines which always peaks my interest. They are also a full-service florist and have gorgeous décor and gift product as well.  Looking forward to seeing my beloved Greenhouse Gang in May, when I will most assuredly be checking out what's new and awesome in grilling.

It's always good to support your local businesses, and what better time than Grilling Season?  Visit The Greenhouse's website here.  Better yet, go see these good'll be glad you did. 

Happy grilling everyone!


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