Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Music Brew

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Very sad news today to hear of the sudden passing of hometown native Bob Stewart. I didn't know Bob very well, but he and I came to know of each other by our online personas, so to speak. I became aware of his music page called Stew's Music Brew on Facebook through friends and while I didn't have the time to participate as much as I would have liked, I always admired Bob's dedication to the music he loved. He also came to share kind words with me about my own blog. We shared a mutual admiration for Melissa Etheridge. We met officially for the first time at, appropriately enough, the Music By The Lake event at Abicht's Landing. The hometown music vibe has certainly taken a punch in the gut with the loss of both Bob and Fred Barley.  This is a vibe that may be down but never out, though.  This group of musicians and music lovers may have a few more Heavenly voices in the chorus now but sing and play on they will, and Bob will undoubtedly continue to make sure we hear every song. 

The following Melissa Etheridge video is one Bob himself shared on his Stew's Music Brew page stating it was the first album "that started it all".  Ain't it heavy, indeed.


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