Friday, April 4, 2014

When In Rome...Or In Bowling Alleys...

I try, as God is my witness, I do try, to search out and choose healthier eating options quite a bit.  I do subscribe, however wrong-headed said subscription may be, to choose whatever the house specialty might be because I like to know the dishes that reflect the host.  And sometimes that host is the local bowling alley or movie theater.

Seriously, am I going to seriously look for some quinoa surprise and green smoothie spectacular at Victory Lanes in Excelsior Springs? No; nor should I. Ya eats what they serves or ya eat before ya come.  Since there was no time for the latter, I went right for the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich with mustard and pickle and it was just darn fine. Brenda's fries looked darn fine too, but I did manage to skip those. This was for an employee outing at Victory Lanes where we all had great fun.

Last night, Keith, myself and some of the Posse crew hit the AMC Theater for a showing of the new Captain America movie (Marvel nerd that I am).  In fact, we saw the original Cap back-to-back with the new flick and that's the first double feature I've seen since I was barely out of my teens. That illustrious afternoon in 1986 with bestie Kristy was a wacky combination of the John Cusack teen comedy One Crazy Summer and the tense, awesome Aliens 2.  Back then, the go-to movie grub was not only popcorn with extra butter but Double Doozie double chocolate cookies from Great American know, the ones with the icing in the middle of two sizable cookies.

There's a Flashback Friday snapshot for you: me in a darkened movie theater watching the climax of Aliens 2 as Sigourney Weaver was growling, "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH!"...and me, inevitably, with cookie crumbs and popcorn in my lap and my mouth ringed in icing growling right back, "yeah, that's right bitch!".

Ah what a sweet and 
slightly sad flashback it is....

The nerdiness remains, but the popcorn came without extra butter and there were no icing-laden cookies this time. However, this crew is never without the extra touch as Kiko had her popcorn seasoning with her and had Susan been with us, she would have had cloth napkins for us to lay across our laps.  We caught the flicks at AMC's new Prime theater at Barrywoods and this is a theater that demands attention to the film and this is a very good thing.

AMC advertises it as "feeling every wow" and indeed this is the case. Giant screen with crystalline, luminous picture and every seat is a comfy, sink-in-your seat reclining wonder that you control. Lots of leg and arm room and considering this was an action flick (An Action Film of Awesomeness, Actually), you really did feel "every wow" or in this case, every explosion and car crash. We were, as I'm sure AMC hoped, utterly spoiled by the first Prime experience and now it would be difficult to go to a regular theater to see a film...damn their Jedi mind tricks, anyway. It was also a kick to see folks dressed up like the characters; in particular, the adorable kid dressed as Cap complete with shield. And wonder of wonders, we went to a double-feature that had us up past 10 pm!

So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do...or in the case of this week,  the bowlers and the Comic Book Guys do...


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