Monday, April 21, 2014

Post-Run Breakfast of (Wannabe) Champions

Some breakfast joints just make for really satisfying post-run grub and eggtc. south of the Plaza is most assuredly one of those. A cozy and clearly popular little spot this was and the food is darned tasty. eggtc. scores a lot of local "'most popular" nods and we certainly see why. The service was courteous and quick (our server's name was marvelous a moniker is that for a server?) and her suggestion of the breakfast tacos was spot-on. Firstly, though, the beverage of choice was choice indeed; both of us went with the sunny Brazilian Berry Smoothies, with acai berry, banana, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla yogurt.....good healthy potassium blast to help offset those twitching muscles after a run. 
For the feed, Keith went with the oh-so-good and massive multigrain pancakes and as for my aforementioned tacos...warm corn tortillas with fresh avocado, scrambled eggs, black beans, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes with mango salsa and sour cream...yum to the Nth degree, people. Extra credit points for the bottle of Marie Sharp's carrot-based habanero hot sauce on the table as well....perfect all-natural heat to add to these fine fixings. 
The menu is vast and they have an excellent coffee bar serving Parisi coffee and a full bar to boot.  Go hit up one of the two locations (also in Shawnee) and just revel in one excellent start to your day. 



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