Sunday, August 23, 2009

In The Beginning....

Yes, this was partly inspired by Julie and Julia.

Let's just get that out of the way. However, I know next to nothing about cooking. I have worked with and around food for most of my adult life but primarily in a "front of the house" position....selling, serving, etc. I am a man in my forties who has sadly, barely made it past the boiling water stage.

I have decided to conquer this. My family history is rich with great cooks and my entire life has been blessed with many foodie friends and experiences. It's long past time I embrace this huge aspect of my life.

Oh sure, I can toss a frozen salmon filet that I marinated into the oven and cook a boxed rice dish to go with it. I can even toss a salad to go with it. Rest assured though....this very easy dinner completely stresses me out. I am completely intimidated by the preparation of food. Combine a healthy lack of self-confidence with a tendency toward clumsiness and the idea of me becoming a cook is rife with comedically disastrous potential. The idea of cooking for anyone other than myself absloutely paralyzes me with fear.

I do have two seriously awesome assets in this new endeavor. Keith, my partner, is astoundingly supportive and oh man, I may not know how to cook it but oh, do I love to eat it. I love to try it all.

I am going to start cooking everything I can get my hands on. I want to immerse myself beyond just my jobs into food culture. I want to research my own family history(and for that matter, everyone else's) with food. Finally, I will become a bonafide cook. Even if it kills me...and burns down the neighborhood in the process.

I want this to be a collaborative other words, help! Send recipes, stories and suggestions. I will post my cooking and food please comment!

Here we go....


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