Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Foodie Friends

I've been hitting up a lot of my foodie friends for hints on how to work on becoming a cook...most everyone agrees it's practice, practice, etc. I work a six-day work week so time to cook is tough. I have some thawed chicken to work with and I'm thinkin' about chicken salad. Hopefully tomorrow...

I cut some fresh basil, both the regular and lemon that we grew on the deck to take to my friend Linda. I gave it to her at work and we both stood there inhaling the scent of that basil. Absolute heaven. Linda is a dear friend I've known for about five years and most assuredly a fellow foodie. We've had many a foodie moment together. Dinner parties and restaurants and a great appreciation of fine wine are just some of the things we've shared. Linda lost her husband Jack the year before last to cancer. Jack was a character and certainly a foodie in his own right. We all miss him. One of my favorite memories of Jack is a signature dish involving an amazing vermouth sauce. Linda hasn't been able to create that dish since his passing but hopefully one day I will be able to share the recipe with you.

In the meantime though, Linda did bring me the Shrimp Scampi recipe she prepared at a dinner at Jane's in honor of Ronnie and Jeff. It was divine...I will share the recipe after I attempt to make it.

It seems as if this blog will in essence become my Life in Food....I may not always be cooking but food will most certainly be featured. I look forward to sharing recipes, restaurant suggestions and food memories....


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