Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Foodie Five #1 - Ali Keegan

Today's post will be the first of what will be a recurring feature called the Foodie Five. I will be asking people of different and diverse backgrounds, many of whom are my friends,to answer five generally food-related questions. I believe that food can quite often be the Great Connector among us all and that finding out about the food culture and history of folks presents a unique perspective...a window into their world, if you will.

My first subject was a co-worker of mine in Washington, DC who quickly became one of my favorite people. Ali presently lives in Portland, ME with her main squeeze, Terry and their lovely brood of animals.

1) Congratulations, Ali....You're pregnant with your first child! Have their been any change in eating habits or weird cravings?
Ali: I've been very lucky in my pregnancy that I haven't had morning sickness or any crazy aversions. The one real craving I had happened before I knew I was pregnant. I saw a commercial for Lucky Charms and Had.To.Have.Them. I haven't been able to stop eating them since. I also couldn't have anything beef-related during the first trimester...burgers,tacos,meatloaf....all of my favorite things.

2)Do you cook, and if so, what is your favorite thing to cook?
Ali: I do cook. My favorite thing to cook is meatloaf. Terry says it's the best he's ever had. I also love to cook breakfast foods...perfect scrambled eggs,popovers,etc..

3)You've visited me in KC and we have taken you out for some of our famous barbecue. Portland is getting a lot of press as a big foodie town. When we come to Portland to see you where would you take us for some authentic local cuisine?
Ali: This is a hard question. I could take you to a hole in the wall called the Porthole to sit on the dock and watch the boats come in while dining on fantastic food or I could take you upscale to Street & Company which boasts amazing seafood. You'd have to stay long enough to go to both! Truth is, Portland has many fabulous restaurants and you'd be hard pressed to find a bad one.

4) We became friends in Washington, DC...any DC cuisine you miss? I KNOW you miss Five Guys.
Ali: I do miss Five Guys. However, the one place the one place that I would give my right arm for is a little Thai restaurant called Nooshi on 19th and M. They have the best red curry chicken I've ever had and I am on a forever quest to find a place that at least equals it. On cold, rainy days, I crave it.

5) What do you consider your ultimate comfort food?
Ali: I'd have to say that red curry chicken is my favorite. As for something I make, there's a New England Dish called American Chop Suey. It's simply elbow macaroni with meat sauce...but you can dress it up with green peppers, onions, garlic, diced tomatoes,etc....and cook it all in one pot...my Dad would make batches of it and as soon as I was old enough to cook, it was the first thing I wanted to learn. It was so easy, and again, on a cold,winter's night there's nothing like it.

Thanks, Ali! You'll be a brilliant Mama!


Kristy said...

Greg, the idea of Foodie Five is FANTASTIC!!! I loved reading Ali's responses to your questions. MORE PLEASE!

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