Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Christmas? Try Whiteout Christmas

We returned home on Saturday after lunch at Bek's in Fulton with Dave. Terrific and funky little joint with an excellent wine and beer list. We kicked off with some seriously good bacon-wrapped cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos. Dave and I split a Brother Thelonious Belgian Abbey-style Beer, named after the jazz master. Very good, a tad sweet and part of the proceeds go to the Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute.

The great Christmas Blizzard of 2009 reared it's enormous and ugly head and battered Kansas City with high winds, heavy snow, sleet and ice and whiteout conditions. When we returned on Saturday we found our neighborhood to be the worst we'd seen yet and it was still snowing. It finally stopped on Sunday and we seem to be around 8-9 inches but even the forecasters seem to be unsure as there was constantly blowing snow and some drifts were up to three feet.

My friend Ronnie wrote some hilarious "diary entries" concerning his Cabin Fever on Facebook. Like this gem....

Cabin Fever day four: Dear diary, You know those cartoons where one character is hungry and looks over at a friend and they turn into a hamburger? Well Jeff just turned into some Taco Bell. Good thing we went to the grocery store yesterday. Feeling better. Still dizzy.

Love it....


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