Saturday, December 5, 2009

Foodie Five #2 - Robin Greene

This Foodie File features Robin Greene. Robin was my co-worker here in KC a few years back. She's a presence I definitely miss, particularly her devastating wit. She could slay me with just a look. I've been thrilled to catch up with her again on Facebook and as I'm frequently her target, it's clear the wit is as sharp as ever. Robin teaches in England now and she deemed me worthy of answering the Foodie Five....

1) What KC food might you be missing in England?
I miss bar-b-cue. Especially KC Masterpiece. These people have no idea what real bar-b-cue is like, though I know some would ask what that has to do with Masterpiece. I don't like Gates, it's meat with vinegar and ketchup. Masterpiece...yeah,baby.

2) I always wanted to meet your grandmother. Did she pass on any cooking or food tips?
She taught me to make bread that is so light you have to tie it to the pans and rolls so good they make you want to slap a police officer. I can make both but she said my sweet potato pie was even better than hers. She is the one who taught me to season at every level, not just when everything is together. Salt causes chemical changes, and properly seasoned food doesn't just have salt sprinkled at the end. She's the one who taught me that food was love. Nurturing is love and food is one way to do that for people that you love, and even some you just like(laughing)...

3) If I came to visit you in England, where would you take me to get a taste of the local culture?
Hmmmm. Local culture. If by that you mean bland English food, all served on toast with baked beans(pork and beans) on the side, it's easy. If you mean the cosmopolitan flavor of London, then it's the West End. Only in London can you see Patrick Stewart walking down the street, Daniel Radcliffe naked(though not walking down the street)and go to a Greek restaurant where they still break glasses and sing all within a half-mile radius.

4) You're in the school system in England. Any food crazes among your students?
These kids love chips(really thick French fries). They eat beans at every meal if they can,and of course, fish and chips. All in all, pretty traditional. Oh, and they love a good Sunday roast dinner. That's either chicken, beef or ham roasted, potatoes with whatever spice Mom may be cooking with. Curry seems to be the national food of England(laughing). The little gits LOVE Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I've been over them for years but they are fairly new here. The kids actually salivate when they talk about them.

5) What is your ultimate comfort food?
The only thing I love more than Italian men is Italian food and that's saying something. For me, comfort food is pasta with a good bolognese sauce or a well-done lasagna, lots of crusty bread and some limoncello shots afterward. Oh. My. Goodness.

Brilliant! Thanks, Robin!


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