Saturday, December 19, 2009

Westport for the Wannabe

Wannabe foodie that is......we headed to our old Westport neighborhood tonight to visit some favorite food-lovin' hotspots. We first hit Pryde's in Westport which is the finest kitchen shop around. The walls flatout burst with both retro and contemporary kitchen items. Many nooks feature local and national gourmet food items. There's a little cafe with sweet little rhubarb pies and iced pumpkin cookies. You can sip on their special blend of coffee while you shop. The decor is even inspired, especially the whisk chandeliers.

We then moved on to World Market. This is one of my all-time favorite chain stores. We purchased our dining room table from here. Awesome and eclectic foodiness is everywhere from vegemite to oddball Asian sodas to a vast array of wines and beer. We snagged some Chipotle-Lime Cashews and some really excellent Bruschetta Veggie chips.

We had dinner at Imo's Pizza. We have long been a fan of this flavorful pizza considered to be the original St. Louis style pizza. Thin, crispy crust with homemade sauce and Provel cheese....we get Meat Lover's and the bacon is to die for. So, so good.

Hit our old Sunfresh where security guards and people watching make grocery shopping so much more interesting....


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