Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brookside Art and SPIN!

Following a tough phone call from my sister concerning my parents, Keith and I managed to rescue the morning with a visit to the Brookside Art Fair. The art was impressive and the crowds were easy to work with. We bought a black and white photography print of the Sprint Center grand opening. A leisurely stroll of art admiration was a nice soothing tonic to the emotional wake-up call. We followed up the art walk with a stop at the Farmer's Community Market where we picked up some Amish fresh-baked bread.

Stopped for lunch at SPIN! Neopolitan Pizza and truly and literally just ate it up. The decor was sleek and stylish and the food was top-notch. They have a full menu featuring wood-fired pizzas. Keith had a tasty and spicy BBQ pizza with roasted corn and had a roasted potato pizza with Italian bacon, goat cheese, roasted red peppers and roasted capers with a Greek salad. Both pizzas were total yum. They also partnered with Cellar Rat on their excellent wine list.

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