Saturday, May 29, 2010

Succotash and the City Market

It was a brilliant day outside so we took advantage and headed downtown. We headed for 26th and Holmes and tried out Succotash for breakfast. I instantly felt a kinship for the place....small, distinct, creatively oddball. Terrific eccentric touches abound at the place such as the carved totem, the pink chandelier, the artwork(LOVE the burning car) and of course the monkey at the bar. We had incredibly fresh orange juice to start. Keith had the Kitchen Sink: a flavorful mix of two eggs scrambled with ham, onions, peppers and cheddar on a bed of hash browns and slathered in gravy. I had the Pork Hash and abundance of yum including shredded pork,crispy fried potatoes, chipotle-lime black beans and, so good. Check them out at

We then schlepped our now bigger behinds down to the City Market at River know, to shop for more food. The scenes in Sex and the City featuring the spice markets sparked my jones to return to the scene of true Kansas City food nirvana. Indeed, as we entered, the aromas started wafting by immediately.... the smells of fragrant fresh herbs and fresh-baked bread were unmistakable among the impressive crowds. Street musicians(including a unique lady and her accordion) are intermingled with the heaping displays of produce and fresh florals. One stroll through the Middle Eastern spice area and I was nearly high from the remarkable scents(Iranian watermelon seeds, anyone?). The action at Carollo's Italian Deli and Grocery is worth the trip about people watching. The opera-singing older gentleman refilling bins adds to the charged atmosphere....and wow, did the fresh mozzarella and cannolis look divine. We picked up some fresh bread from Van Till farms as well as some fresh basil and lemon-pepper chevre I can't wait to try.

We couldn't get out of town this weekend, but good food can make you feel like you're on vacation. Special thanks to Keith for taking the pics with his Blackberry...I forgot my camera!


Kristy said...

A Pepto Bismol pink chandelier! I WANT ONE!!!! It would match the pink plastic Jesus Ronnie and you are getting me for my birthday.

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