Monday, May 24, 2010

Chainsaws in Church and the Lost Key Lime Pie

It was surreal and a tad disturbing to be in a church watching Keith take a chainsaw to a pew and on a Sunday morning to boot. To clarify, we were in an abandoned church that is now being used for office space and is being sold to a new group. We inherited one of the pews. We could not transport it in it's present state so K took the chainsaw to it to cut it ih half. The idea is to create a smaller pew for display so we'll see. Just another bizarre day in the neighborhood, I guess...

We hit the venerable Waffle House for the first time in a long time for breakfast. A true "slap one cheesy greasy and let it bleed" kind a joint and also the home of my favorite hash browns. I got 'em smothered(onions),covered(melted cheddar)and peppered(jalapenos).

The surrealism continued on as we prepared to watch the Lost finale and since we didn't have a box of Dharma lasagna to whip up, we sampled a couple of new products to munch on while we watched. We tried out the Some Like It Hot mix from the To Market To Market food company that we picked up from the English Garden shop. We used it to make a savory, spicy cheeseball. In the spirit of the Lost island, we also tried out the Country Living Seaside Key Lime Pie in a Jar that we had gotten from the Greenhouse. Pour the filling into a graham-cracker crust, top it off with whipped cream, chill for a bit and voila...a nice key lime pie. I still miss the original key lime pie we had in Key West but this was a quick and tasty stand-in.

Watching the finale of Lost was not unlike experiencing the end of a mystifying but satisfying relationship. At times, the show was mind-blowing, other times it was so frustrating, I wanted to walk away and nearly did. But I stuck with it, and in the end, I felt it was worth it. The show was rich, complex, sometimes maddeningly dense and always fascinating. Lost consistently had top-notch production values, stellar acting and endless riddles wrapped in enigmas. The finale was an emotional payoff while remaining open for it should have been. In the end, it was like nothing else on television...a true original.

The Jimmy Kimmel tribute afterward offered a chance to win a box of Dharma lasagna as well as a hilarious "alternate ending" that featured Hurley, Jack and Claire sharing onion rings in a diner a la the Sopranos.


Kristy said...

Le Pew is very cool. The Waffle House sounds fabulous especially if they really do flop one cheesy greasy like Morris' restaurant used to do. (My mother's favorite "greasy spoon" as she like to call it.) I like the Key Lime Pie in a Jar, especially if you are making an actual pie. But if you are using the bite sized phyllo cups I like Barefoot Contessa's Lemon Curd way better. As for the Lost references...alas I am the only person in the world who has never seen one single episode so I have no idea what Dharma lasagna is. Keep on posting!!!

The Foodie Wannabe said...

I LOVE that lemon curd...and that's a great idea, I brought some back! I've tried to find some images of Morris's restaurant online...maybe in your new role as archivist, you'll come across some!

Kristy said...

I actually do have an idea where I might come across some Morris' Restaurant artifacts. The stuff I have may be "pre Morris'" I'll check it out and let you know.

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