Friday, May 21, 2010

Wine Wear for a Good Cause

My darling friend Sherry Evon Whetstone who I've written about before, has launched some truly unique creations to benefit her friend Charlotte's organization in Africa. Sherry has been designing wine "coats and hats" to benefit Charlotte's United African Community Center UAACC in Tanzania. Sherry is pictured at left above, Charlotte at right.

From quilts to couture and now to the wine wear, Ms. Sherry's creativity clearly knows no bounds. The "coat and hat" pictured was one Sherry made for our co-worker Rick to reflect his Native-American heritage. Each coat and hat comes with a free bottle of Sherry's homemade wine.

Sherry's friend Mama Charlotte Hill O'Neal is a vocalist, poet and visual artist who's been performing and exhibiting her artwork in America and Africa for more than 20 years. She was born in Kansas City and has lived in Tanzania since 1972. She's been in the states recently and Sherry just hosted a fundraiser reception for her.

Mama Charlotte is also the co-director of the United African Community Center in Tanzania. The following paragraph from Mama Charlotte's press release highlights some of the Center's accomplishments:

The UAACC provides free classes taught by volunteers focusing on the arts, language and life skills in the Arusha region of Tanzania. The UAACC, through the the support of many people and organizations, has been able to bring a water project, solar project, medical supplies and internet to the village community. The students also learn how to act in grassroots theater productions that bring relevant information about HIV/AIDS prevention.

Click on the title of this post to visit the website for the UAACC. Visit the history page on the website to learn more about Charlotte and Pete's fascinating story, including their history with the Black Panther movement. Most importantly, you can learn how to donate to this very good cause.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Greg. This is fabulous. We need to make sure Erica is aware of this--perhaps they can get together while she is in Tanzania!


The Foodie Wannabe said...

Hey Kak...
I sent a link to this post to Erica on Facebook, so hopefully she will see it. Thank you for the great comments on here. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Greg, You are a true jewel. I love you. This is great and I thank you so very truly for your belief in this beautiful cause. Peace and Blessing Love! Sherry

The Foodie Wannabe said...

Thank you, Miss Sherry! It IS a beautiful cause and anything I can do to bring awareness to it, I am happy to do. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm kinda crazy about you as well....:)

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