Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It was a beautifully lazy Sunday today of catching up with friends, e-mails, Food Network and some comfort cooking. We started out the morning with a staple we hadn't had in awhile. Going with whatever ingredients we had on hand, we made scrambled eggs with black beans, Italian five-cheese blend and salsa. We used a tangy salsa called Poppa's which Keith found at the Excelsior Springs farmer's market. Last time I did scrambled eggs I burnt them. Seriously. These were much better, to say the least.

We went on our Sunday grocery shopping trip and were intrigued to discover the Buittoni pasta kiosks that Keith is pictured operating at the top of the page. They give you a quick, interactive way to get some recipe ideas. Sure, it's promotional but it's quite effective as well.

Dinner was a hearty pot of chili to officially welcome autumn as that cooler air heads our way. Chili will always be a warm and comforting favorite of mine. The first chili I ever ate would be my Dad's, which was simple but good. Kristy's mother Mary Alice made a big pot of chili with grilled cheese sandwiches every football Friday night. My friend Christina gave me the enviable job of judging Chili Cook-Offs in downtown Charleston, WV. I first learned about adding cheese and sour cream from visiting the classic Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, OH. My friend Kaki introduced me to adding Frito's and also returned chili to its football association by always cooking up a heaping pot of spicy goodness for every WVU or Steelers game.

Our chili was largely made by Keith in this instance and pictured at left. Serious yum. I enjoyed Keith's helpful hint in making chili. He said, "Towards the end of making the chili, I start to get nervous of how it will turn out, so I throw a lot more chili powder in." Ha!! His instincts must have been right on the money as it was delicious. Autumn, you may begin.


Kristy said...

Hey Greg, The pics of the chili made my mouth water. Sure do wish Autumn would begin back here in WV. Still hot and humid. You are right, Mom made great chili and I have expounded on that recipe over the years. I say just dump stuff in and see what happens. Usually its not too bad...except for that one unfortunate incident....but we won't talk about that LOL. But don't forget her other staple on Friday our birthdays and special football games. Chili was always always followed up by her mile high cheesecake. P.S. You know scrambled eggs was always one of my personal specialties. Again...dump everything in the fridge you want to get rid of in and see what happens and of course douse with a generous dose of your favorite hot sauce. Tums anyone? LOL

The Foodie Wannabe said...

oh yes, my sauce with huevos is a must!!

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