Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

The Lake of the Ozarks was the tranquil setting for a truly beautiful birthday weekend. The cast of characters were Keith's parents, Ken and Helen(who own the lake house), Keith's sister Kim, her husband Dave and their two thoroughly adorable kids, 7-year-old Sierra and 6-year-old Tanner. The weather was clear and beautiful for the entire weekend. Of course, food was central throughout.

The Winges are a truly foodie family. They and several other extended family members host very unique celebrations centered on food every year. I will highlight each one as they happen later in the year. The family doesn't wait until certain celebrations to bring on the awesome grub, though. Kim saw to it by e-mail that I had some favorites involved. They did a fish fry with homemade potato chips and Asian slaw on Friday night. On Saturday, Kim made my favorite Hot Wing Dip (I will include this recipe soon). That night featured Barbequed Chicken, corn on the cob, some terrific tricked-up green beans Keith did and finished off with a store-bought Snicker's cake. Sunday morning Keith cooked a breakfast (with some assistance from me) of scrambled eggs, a Paula Deen bacon recipe (good flavor but too sweet) and toast. Serious yum from beginning to end.

The weekend finished up with the whole clan headed to Jeff City to help Rhonda and family move into their rental home after that horrible fire. And I do mean the whole clan from all over. Loads of food were brought in as we moved all of the furniture in. Clearly, no matter the occasion, the entire family pulls together to help out when one is in need.

That is, as I'm learning all over again, the true definition of family.


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Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Full of food, family & fun!

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