Friday, September 25, 2009


So it may look as if I've suddenly changed themes to CSI:My Life, but rest assured it's all an act. The pic of the unfortunate gentleman in the bathtub is from our Murder Mystery Weekend last year. He is actually an actor who was a lot of fun to work with. Tonight was the kick-off of this year's Murder Mystery Weekend. The pic of the Petit Fours were taken at the hors d'ouerves table for tonight's Opening Reception.
The weekend plays out as follows: Everyone gathers on Friday night for the Opening Reception where they meet their host. During the reception, a "murder" occurs and soon a detective is brought in. The guests have all witnessed the act and have the rest of the weekend to solve the crime. Everyone gathers at breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday in the same ballroom where they nosh on great food while comparing notes, going over clues and identifying suspects. Several surprises occur and possibly even more murders. The rest of the day they are on their own and generally combing the hallways looking for clues. At Sunday Brunch, everyone gathers one last time to offer their final solutions to the crime. Prizes are awarded to the winners. It's great fun, full of laughs and gasps and always very popular. Last year, I got to stretch the acting muscles and played a "victim". I got to truly ham it up at a table with guests after being "poisoned". After several moments of dreadful overacting on my part, I dropped dead where I was promptly dragged out of the room. The detective had to cover for me as I so winded from my over-the-top performance it was obvious I was still breathing! Daniel Day Lewis, I'm not.

We also hosted the rehearsal dinner for one of our favorite soon-to-be-weds...Lindsay and Richard. Their dinners included two of my favorite Elms dishes...Picasso Salmon and Asiago Chicken. More on the actual nuptials tomorrow....


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