Sunday, April 11, 2010 just got here!

It seemed as if we had just hugged the family to welcome them here and suddenly we're bidding them farewell. The weekend sailed by but was a great time. We did lunch yesterday at the Corner Cafe(awesome turkey melt and onion rings)and spent the afternoon at the stained glass place. The evening was the first official cookout at our pad as the weather was pretty pristine. The burgers were our usual rich and delicious mix of butter, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, eggs and saltines with ground beef. They ain't for the calorie-conscious and we only do them occasionally. We hopped up some fresh green beans with Paula Deen's Italian Spice Mix and Keith's mom Helen whipped up her famous deviled eggs. We decided to do our first attempt at french fries on the grill in the basket...and soon realized we'll have to go back to the drawing board on these. The flavor..also with the Italian spice rub and some pepper mix...was excellent but the fries did not get crispy enough. We'll revisit these at another time. We think maybe we had too many fries in the basket.

We had breakfast with the fam at the historic Mill Inn in Excelsior Springs on Sunday. Traditional eggs and bacon in a traditional setting. The kids thrilled to some hot chocolate with real marshmallows. We bid farewell to the Lorentzs and headed back to the Elms to bust out Ken's 1931 Model A car that has been on display in the lobby. After a few attempts to get her started, Keith was soon driving her for the first time. What a vintage beauty that car is...he had too much fun.

Back home and finally got the Tivo back in operation and watching Top Chef Masters. Yes!


Kristy said...

Top Chef Masters???? Did the new one start? DANGIT. I'm already behind!!!!

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