Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foodie Five # 9 - Tara Madison Avery and Dirtheads

My great friend Tara has gone brilliantly above and beyond in tackling my Foodie Five questions. Tara wears many hats and one of them is worn by a seriously talented comic artist in the L.A. area who's wickedly awesome strip is named Dirtheads. Tara has been bringing Dirtheads to Comic-Con for several years now and this year has been officially invited as a "creative professional"!! It's a very exciting time for her and that much more exciting for me to be the recipient of some of her terrific work. For my Foodie Five, she had the characters of Dirtheads answer the five questions for her. That's right....Tara created an exclusive strip just for my blog!

Due to formatting, the strips would be difficult to read as they are on the blog, so just click on each to enlarge. Read on and enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Man! This is too cool! I gotta say.... I am so glad to have stumbled on your blog. Love everything about it..... the food, the humor, the pictures,the pop-culture references, and a glimpse into your life. Quite the killer combination(-: Looking forward to future posts!

Kristy said...

Cowgirl humus? COOL!!! You know this cowgirl's gotta have some of that!

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