Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Foodie Five #8 - Gerald Dickens

I am quite honored to introduce Gerald Dickens as the subject for the latest Foodie Five. Gerald is the great, great grandson of the legendary author Charles Dickens. Gerald is quite the consummate artist himself as he travels the world performing dramatic renderings of the Dickens library. Keith originally saw Gerald perform A Christmas Carol in Memphis. I later saw Gerald perform this at the Jekyll Island Club. Since, we have also seen him perform in Washington, DC and we actually got to have dinner and a bottle of wine with him in Kansas City. He lives in England but is constantly touring worldwide. Despite his busy schedule, he was generous enough to make a blog appearance for me. Read on....

1.)We've been lucky enough to catch your performance of A Christmas Carol several times here in the States. The first one I experienced was at the Jekyll Island Club and it was marvelous. The performance was also woven in with a seven-course dinner. Have there been any interesting food mishaps that have occurred during a performance?

That's very kind of you to mention how much you enjoyed the show and Jekyll Island was a very exciting place to perform. When I'm doing a show where the setting is a restaurant, there is a moment in the show when I grandly announce the Parade of the Christmas Turkey! Usually, when the turkey appears, the crowd stands and cheers, and the Chef, followed by all of his or her staff, parade around the room with the turkey on a silver platter. At one venue, I don't recall where, I'd checked with the kitchen to make sure they had the turkey ready and they assured they did. At the appropriate moment, I made the announcement and out came one cook without any platter or dish, holding a completely raw turkey! Plucked, pink and pimply...not very grand at all!

2) You have performed all over the world. Are there foods form back home in England that you miss when you are on the road? Also, any particular foods you enjoyed on the road?

Wherever I perform, I always enjoy whatever is served. I tend not to go for hot and spicy food. Quite often, when I perform in hotels, the food is superb so actually what I want more than anything is scrambled eggs on toast or a simple sandwich when I get back home.

3) Is there a certain dish or recipe that has been passed down through your family history? Anything that might have involved Charles?

At the end of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge promises to Bob Cratchit that they will 'discuss your affairs this very afternoon over a Christmas bowl of Smoking Bishop!'. Smoking Bishop is a delicious recipe....a sort of mulled punch, made of red wine, port, cloves, grapefruit, oranges and served hot..absolutely delicious!

4)If(or should I say when) we come to visit England, where would you want us to go to sample the local cuisine?

I am based near Oxford, and nearby there is a restaurant called The Manoir Aux Quat'Saison. I have yet to dine there, it is expensive but not exclusive. It is owned by the chef Raymond Blanc and from what I understand it is exquisite...


5)What is your ultimate comfort food?

Mmmmm....comfort food. Fried egg and bacon! Perfect after a late night of performing, get back to the house, fill a glass a wine and fry....

Thank you, Gerald! Marvelous!


Anonymous said...

Hi Greggus!

How tremendous is this???

It's great. Simply great--love his choice of comfort foods.


Lisa Mandina said...

Wow! How neat!!

Kristy said...

See Greg, no matter where you live PORK FAT RULES!!! Long live the PIG. I LOVE BACON!!!

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