Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Tale of the April Fools

The long-awaited and much-anticipated moment arrived with little fanfare but with a great swell of emotion. My partner Keith and I, true April fools that we are, finally reunited and it was, as hoped for, a beautiful thing.

The setting was the historic and elegant Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, West Virginia on a stunningly gorgeous spring day. The characters included Keith and I of course, my best compadre Kristy and longtime friends Christina Smith and Lynn Garber. The main plot device was Keith, in order to bring us back together as soon as possible following my parental care responsibilities, driving cross-country to pick me up. The Master of Ceremonies, if you will, the unseen Wizard behind the curtain was Carl Mayfield, whose hospitality and generosity as usual, were boundless.

Sure enough, Kristy, Christina, Lynn and I spent a relaxing evening of cocktails, conversation amd laughter on the Blennerhassett's terrific deck. I remained distracted, however, as I became more excited with every moment of my better half's arrival. After a wait that felt like forever, we reunited in our room at the Blennerhassett amid joyful tears.

We resumed our places with the girls on the deck and had a great night. We dined on our favorite Blenny appetizers, the Salmon Crostini with chilled salmon, dill creme, red onions, capers, microgreens and a balsamic glaze as well as some tasty calamari. Keith and I soon after retired to our elegantly appointed guestroom named the William Morris Suite. The bed was taller than me and featured steps up to it that Keith got a particular kick out of.

The tale concluded with the April Fools finally reunited and therefore, a happy ending all around.


Kristy said...

Glad you're back. Keep blogging. We've missed it!

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