Monday, April 12, 2010

Morning After

Mondays have a way of giving you a certain morning-after, hangover feel. I didn't actually have a hangover, despite those 1 1/2 powerful drinks I spoke of yesterday. The fact that it's Monday alone contributes to the feeling but also the eventual return of reality in all of it's glory.

I received a call from my sister about Dad's inevitable return to mental challenges...his sad paranoia is back full blast and it's as always, sad to behold and tough to endure. I'd naively hoped that he might get past those particular behaviors after his last stroke. The reality is that his age and condition will continue to plague him and we just have to help get him through it.

Another tough reality is the ongoing heartbreak for the families of those lost West Virginia miners. The last of the bodies were found and the miracle the families had hoped for was not to be. Coal mining has been the way of life for many West Virginians and while this was the worst in 40 years, these tragic outcomes are way too familiar. Both sides of my family tree have many members who were and are West Virginia coal miners. My grandfather was a coal miner and he succumbed to black lung from the mines at too young an age. My heart goes out to the families of the miners.

Living here in Kansas City, I'm all too aware of the Westboro Baptist Church in nearby Topeka and it's followers. Sure enough, they wasted no time in picketing the WV Capitol with their hate speech and signs and I fear they will do their best to soil the funerals as well. The above photo warmed my heart as it showed the true spirit of West Virginians and reminded me that no matter what, they will persevere and take care of their own.

I've not been shy in the past few months about describing my own strained relationship with the Almighty. I've railed about the unfairness of my parent's illnesses. I'm disgusted with what the Westboro Church does in the name of God. In the end, though, while my faith is shaken, it does remain. My beliefs have evolved over the years but I still believe. The person holding the sign above reminds me there is still goodness in the world.

Yesterday, I poked some fun involving various images of Jesus. I don't regret that as I've often pointed out if I didn't find the humor in life, I'd be curled up in a ball of despair. My spiritual self has been having an identity crisis but when witnessing the goodness that does exist, it finds strength anew.


Anonymous said...

Hot pink Jesus loves you. His message for you today is "Resist the Devil." Wise words indeed. I prayed for you a lot while you were in WV my friend, but will continue to pray for your folks. Some Sunday you and Keith can come to meeting with Jeff and me, remember.

Anonymous said...

Greg: Rec'd your "site" from Kristy. Youmay not remember me - we went to the same church many years ago. Ruth Wagner

Kristy said...

Greg, The tragedy at the mine was certainly a hard beginning to the spring of the year, however you are so right my friend. West Virginians will perservere no matter what the obstacle. We are tough as billy goats and nothing can really dim the light that shines in this beautiful state...not even the cruel members of Westboro B.C. We've both had are tests of faith and I'm pretty sure if we live longer there will be more tests to come but we've survived them all. I'm sorry to hear about Rex. Please call if there is anything I can do to help your sister out.

Love always,
Your across the alley neighbor and BFF for life!

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