Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

The fam was back in town and lifted the spirits as only they can. The kids and I had a blast right off the bat as evidenced by the(sideways)video above. In addition to the joy their visit brought, Ken brought us the new hutch he'd built us and it's six kinds of awesome....the cookbook and appliance space, the wine rack, oh my. We've been blessed to have Ken lend his masterful touch to everything from our hardwood floors to our bathroom makeover but this is the first actual "Ken Winge original" piece of furniture we've gotten.

After a brief visit to Gallery 105 during the Art Crawl, we headed off for dinner to the Ventana Grill where the kids reiterated again and again how hungry they were. Sure enough, when their dinners arrived, they devoured them and Sierra soon moved onto everyone else's. They then moved on to salivating over the candy counter. The special for the night was Asiago ravioli with spinach and t'was good.

I must speak highly of the fine weather considering some of the bizarre storms we've had lately. The pic, bottom right, is of the solid layer of hail that dumped on us a few nights ago. Thought the skylight was comin' in fer sure.


Anonymous said...

Love the new piece of furniture. We need someplace for all of Jeff's cookbooks... but alas there is no room.

Kristy said...

Will Ken adopt me? The hutch is beautiful!! Guess I better get myself my OWN home before then though, huh.

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