Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bird is Secured

I have indeed secured the bird today. When he wasn't bonding with Dylan, Keith was preparing the Cream of Mushroom soup from scratch for the Emerilized Green Bean Casserole. Tomorrow night, we will brine that bird Alton Brown style. I may be overdoing the Food Network recipes lately, but we are repeating the same menu for the third year in a row as it is seriously delicious.

I have many memories of Thanksgiving days of yore. I'll try to toss one in every day this week. Today's selection:

Many of the Thanksgiving memories I experienced in my youth revolve around my Aunt Kate and my late Uncle Donzil's in Fairmont, WV. Typically, it'd be my parents and I and maybe one of my sisters making the trip. The centerpiece of the meal was frequently wild turkey that my uncle had killed during hunting season. I also remember oyster dressing and a garlicky cheeseball and loads of terrific desserts including my Grandma Grace's raisin cookies. I remember the Macy's parade and football all day. I also remember Kate's fancy keyboard organ in the back room. One year when I was around eight years old, I had a little cassette player and was determined I would tape myself playing this awesome piano. I had no idea how to play the piano. However, with all the background rhythm and bass keys it sounded to me like a full orchestra no matter what I played. I really rocked that bossa nova key, let me tell you. I filled one entire side of the cassette tape with my nonsensical symphony and made the entire family listen to it. You gotta love 'em....they just smiled and listened over dessert. I suspect everyone was so sedated from tryptophan and high from sugar that they just didn't care.

The last one of these holidays at Aunt Kate's I attended was when I was in college and simply drove to the festivities and drove back to my tiny apartment in Morgantown. It's just part of growing up but I was a tad teary-eyed when I left. That little hole in the wall I lived in at college felt a bit more lonely than staying all night with extended family.

But I got over it. Soon, I was off to meet Kristy and Lena at Lena's house for Lena's Thanksgiving night soiree....but that's a story for another day. Next chapter for Turkey Day memories....a lively get-together of the Rinehart side of the fanily that was one for the record books...


Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Greg!

Kristy said...

Party on Garth!!! Here's to the first 41 years Greg. I'm looking forward to the next 40!

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