Friday, November 20, 2009

Shrimpin' at Abicht's Landing

Sunday night was a welcome return to JB and Kaki's lovely home at Abicht's Landing for a relaxing evening of food and friends. We started off with some guacamole chips and Duck's Mexicana salsa(both sold at the Greenhouse,natch as well as WV products). JB has become quite the talented grillmaster and truly rocks out on his tricked out Weber Grill. The Greenhouse sells Webers along with a wide array of Weber accessories and JB is frequently grilling up a storm at many store events. He made his first attempt this night at blackening shrimp. He already does some masterful shrimp with butter and lemon and these were just as good. His first crack was a tad heavy on the blackening as evidenced by Kristy coughing up a dry spice hairball. The rest were rolled through the grilltop butter bath and lightly spiced with the blackening. They were then dipped into the "Chinese ketchup" or cocktail sauce with a hit of Sciracha hot sauce. This course was followed by some crispy and saucy grilled wings. The aroma test for these is Kristy plunging her head into the bag of marinated wings and inhaling like she's in an Asian opium den.

Of course, in order to score this generous grub, one must take care of the grillmaster with cold beer. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the "drive-thru" window to the deck which is typically manned by Kristy. Her colorful commentary at the time involves "slapping one cheesy greasy and let it bleed." I think that's from Greater Tuna. Good times!


Kristy said...

GOOD TIMES INDEED!!! COUGH...ahem, sorry, overcome once again by too much cayenne in the dry spice mix. Damn JB. I think he does this on purpose. No beer for him!!

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