Friday, November 27, 2009

The Hall of Waters

Next stop was the Hall of Waters. Keith, in his job as Executive Director, has helped get the venerable old institution re-opened to the community. The Hall of Waters was opened in 1937 to pipe in the water from various mineral springs. The water supported the world's longest water bar as well as a mammoth swimming pool and spa. The building is a stunning example of Art Deco design with Aztec and Mayan influences. Back in the day, Excelsior Springs was known the world over for it's mineral water and recently they have started bottling it once again. Keith is pictured with a gift box of the water.

The Hall of Waters is also the setting for the community Christmas tree display. Along with beautifully designed trees, there are meaningful trees as well. One from the hospital is highlighted by cancer awareness. Another particularly heart-tugging one is the tree from the Excelsior Springs Animal Shelter. It features 300 ornaments that represent every animal that was saved. Sadly, it also features a piece of candy for every one that was not....and there were 600 of them.

The trees all combine to help the Hall of Waters look particularly stunning right now. Onward...


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