Monday, January 27, 2014

Lucy and Ethel Go Cajun

Our favorite new cooking duo, Kiko and Tiffany aka Lucy and Ethel, have struck again!   Tiff came back for a visit from her native New Orleans and they decided to step up the cooking challenge and create an entire Cajun feast for the Posse gang.  How would it turn out?  Did they kill each other?  Would the rest of us survive the meal?  Only the Shadow knows...

This Crescent City-inspired repast could be intimidating to seasoned cooks: jambalaya, gumbo, spicy Cajun vegetables, red beans and rice and cornbread for starters.  However, Tiff IS a New Orleans resident after all and she arrived with strict instructions from the man in her life.  When we arrived, the jambalaya was ready, the gumbo was simmering, the crab boil was rolling and a spinach salad was being tossed. 

We toured Kiko's new bamboo-walled theater room downstairs while sipping margaritas and Cape Root Cab.  Carl arrived with frozen pizza in case these Southern dishes went South.

Soon we were munching on some light and sweet cornbread and totally digging the spinach salad with feta and candied pecans.  Hmmmmm...could this work?  By the time 20 of us had filled the kitchen, we lined up and filled our plates....

Well, Lucy and Ethel KILLED the best way.  The gumbo was nicely laden with andouille sausage and flavor.  The jambalaya was hearty and delicious.  The corn and mushrooms from the crab boil were alive with spice.  They even had a King Cake shipped to finish off the dinner.

 Deb found the baby in the cake, though rumor has it, she went through nine pieces to get it.  Does that count?

I appreciate any chance at some Cajun grub, so how grateful was I to dig into that terrific meal?  It didn't even come back to bite me and derail the 5k the next day.  While I'm speaking of gratitude, I'm also thankful for the take-home package of NOLA love including Tony Chachere's creole seasoning, gumbo file, spices with real sassafras, and boudin and andouille sausage from Tiffany.  Can't wait to use it all!

In the meantime, thank you Kiko and Tiff aka Lucy and Ethel.  Your Cajun was killer!


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