Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Revelry and Reflection

My posts will continue to be random in order to meet my post-a-day challenge and catch up on missed moments, but I thought this one should reflect the immediacy of the coming of 2014. The photos on the post are photos from New Years Eve at my place of business the Elms; all Champagne and chocolate fountains.  In the meantime, I'm taking a hard look back at 2013 and a cautionary-but-optimistic look at the year ahead.

The personal challenge for me this past year was my stress level. I'm fully aware, though, that the stress was not the curse, my reaction to said stress was instead.  And well, everything is just crystal clear in retrospect, isn't it?  If only I could utilize or maybe I should say, choose to harness that clear-headed foresight in the moment a bit more, I might be a tad more zen and a tad less anxious.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda....whatever.  Let's move on, shall we?  That is the point after all.

The unforgivable intrusion I allowed stress to do, however, is to take me over completely in some instances.  It affected my relationships, my job, my health; both physically and mentally, even holidays and vacations.  Worse, it replaced the important things like counting the blessings of the past year.  So allow me to briefly sum a few of those blessings up..

Despite a few setbacks, my mother and sister were safe and healthy throughout the year.  Challenging as my job was, I was promoted and had much rewards from it.  Despite a recent Friday the 13th twist involving an ice storm and some injured employees (all are thankfully fine), an intense work challenge was met and even exceeded.  Keith got an awesome new job that makes even better use of his talents.  I absolutely reveled in a sublime trip to New Orleans (seriously, I can't wait to go back).  I am, more than ever before, so blessed and grateful to join with loved ones near and far and share meals with each and every one of them.  I am as thrilled and geeky as I've ever been over every new flavor that I've experienced and more jazzed than ever about the possibilities 2014 will bring.  I am happiest to report that we, meaning he and me, are stronger than ever.

I've managed to stumble my way through some goal achievement these past few years, so this year I'm focusing on managing that stress better by whatever means necessary.  I attended a work retreat last week and our speaker spoke of "cutting through the mental junk" and certainly this is a first step for me.  Working toward some healthier initiatives will help in this achievement and we have a few in mind like the possibility of training for a half-marathon and some cleaner eating like this killer vegan dish my coworker Shylo made at work: creamy risotto with fresh herbs, grilled sweet potatoes, asparagus and shittake mushrooms.
 Of course, it will also help me sort out that brain refuse if I continue to work on the Blog Challenge the beloved set forth for me.  I have started writing every day the last few days of 2013 and yes, am challenged to write and post every day in 2014.  The reality of posting every day is starting to hit me and the anxiousness is setting in, but I know I need to write every day.  I absolutely need it.

I'm enjoying the meme that many have been sharing on Facebook about the first day of the new year being the first page of a book we'll all write.  I literally started my book a few days early, so the journey begins.  Let's make it a brilliant year for all of us, my friends, and help each other through the rough days.  What a ride it will be!

Happy New Year.


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