Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Perk/Curse of the Job

Food nerd that I am, it is an admitted kick to be around the culinary talent I am and be able to sample all of the mouth-watering wares.  The truffles pictured at left were two of the latest lovelies I was fortunate to sample.  Of late, I've gotten to sample incredible vegan dishes with grilled sweet potatoes, pan-fried chicken and creamy risotto and a light and tasty tortellini salad.  The culinary talent isn't all just in the hotel kitchen either.  I've gotten to try a wonderful curried goat stew my Spa Director made and join my coworkers in a mini-chili tasting to help prep said Spa Director for an upcoming chili cook-off.  I've also gotten a peek at some upcoming new menu items and am even more excited.

Fun and fortunate it may all be, but all of this can be a curse to the waistline if not careful.  But at the same time discoveries like that vegan dish help open up the possibilities for healthy food as well. It's not all food to sample either; a couple of weeks ago we were asked to test out some lotions for a possible line the Spa might carry.  Of course, its far more fun to simply be a guinea pig for new spa treatments.  Got offered a facial this week but couldn't commit, alas.

 Looking forward to all of the culinary and other possibilities on the job ahead...


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