Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Maw and the Kubota

It seems like merely a day ending in "y" when beloved hometown biz The Greenhouse of St. Marys is hosting yet another of their masterful events.  Several years ago though, when they were just establishing themselves at the stunningly atmospheric Abicht's Landing location where they now reside, this new identity of event location extraordinaire was just gettin' started.  Keith and I helped out on one of these early weekends and Keith got a quick lesson in "one for all" when we joined in to prep some of the always awesome appetizers they create.  He and I sat in Kak's kitchen with Kak's mom Barb and Marion Olds and worked away at slicing, rolling, topping, or whatever it took.

The Greenhouse Gang always work extremely hard to pull these functions off, but the best part is that they never forget to put the "fun" in function.  Laughter is always abundant and you can certainly count on that whenever Barbara Reckard is around....and she always is to help out at these soirees.  It also added to the mirth having their Kubota tractor iced up and loaded with beverages for partygoers to use like they did at some of the reunions they've hosted.  Having Maw Reckard standing ready to serve from the Kubota just sealed the deal for assured good times.

Kaki, JB and the Greenhouse Gang rock all kinds of events these days and are enjoying well-deserved success.  Whatever flash and glitter may involved with the functions these days, for me, nothing beats having Maw and an iced-up Kubota for making any event complete.


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