Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The First Farewell Party (Of Many)

 Several years back, Keith and I thought we would need to leave the KC area to return to my hometown to assist with a family situation.  I was all too ready to do whatever was necessary but was admittedly sad about leaving our KC home.  We had been moving around for a while and hadn't stayed in any of the other cities we lived in for longer than two years.  We were just starting to settle in at Kansas City, though.  We had bought a house we adored and had just made inroads in Excelsior Springs, a community that was unique and had great potential.  We felt moving away was necessary at the time though, so our new local friends in ES threw Keith a couple of going-away parties.

One of them was reception at the hotel and another was the one pictured here at our friend Lisa's stunning home in the country.  Looking back at these photos brings a mix of mirth and melancholy.  I remember Betty cracking wise and lots of laughter over cocktails.

 I see Jim serving a decadent dessert that I'm sure he made himself.

 I also look and realize just how long ago it was...there was Carolyn with darker hair; long before we would be invited to be part of her Posse and before Carolyn would suffer her life-changing traumatic brain injury.

 There was Torben with Jytte probably telling a funny tale.

 We attended his funeral just a few weeks back.  Despite the lump in the throat some of the pics brought, they still evoked a smile.  Great memories with wonderful people.  I was still the obnoxious photographer back then....but as evidenced by the pic I took of Lacee and Lisa by the baby grand, I was more about posing my friends than my food back then.

Of course, we didn't end up leaving town and no one thankfully resented us for it or wanted their gifts back.  We would both end up dedicating more of our lives to Excelsior Springs. We still count all of these good folks as treasured friends. Keith, in particular, became even more key to the beginning rebirth of Excelsior Springs with his Downtown Partnership position. He would end up taking a state position with Missouri Mainstreet Connection and sure enough all these years later, there would be another round of farewell soirees.

And of course, these would be accompanied by lots of jokes and queries as to just how many farewell parties we would have during our time here.  And yet, we still haven't REALLY left....


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