Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Locally-Produced Oasis On My Desk

There are days I look at my desk and my brain just aches from the intimidating stacks of I-need-it-yesterday stuff on my desk.  In the middle of all of the chaos, like a serene oasis, is a bag of my new go-to snack; dark chocolate almonds, and a small (or sometimes large) cup with a locally familiar logo....
...yes, a cup of Roasterie coffee.  It may be a skim latte with Roasterie espresso and possibly a hit of  hazelnut or mint.  Or it could be a straight up cup o' joe from the special blend of beans they made specifically for the Elms Hotel and Spa aka my workplace.  Either way, I've grown way accustomed to the Roasterie and am highly addicted. Not to mention, the coffee is that much more extraordinary combined with those almonds.

Roasterie Founder Denny O'Neill started this amazing company in his Brookside basement fifteen years after he picked his first beans in Costa Rica.  The good folks at the Roasterie travel the ends of the earth to find those beans to bring them back and air-roast them to perfection. The Roasterie is committed to direct trade and also sports one of the coolest event spaces around called the Bean Hangar. Mr. O'Neill, also known as the Bean Baron, has been out to the hotel for a few events and I personally, am a big fan of his and his company.

Thank goodness for the Roasterie for providing my daily work and brain fuel.


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