Saturday, January 25, 2014

Warming Up

We just had the last warmup before tomorrow's Groundhog Run.  I am a little concerned that I've got some soreness going on the day before, but just plan to run through it!  All of the proceeds for the Groundhog Run go to the Children's Therapeutic Learning Center and this run is believed to be the only underground run out there.  That's because it's held in the Hunt Midwest SubTropolis underground area.  SubTropolis is a subsurface business development that was created out of a 270-million-year old limestone deposit.  Several businesses reside down here and in fact, I attended a wine tasting with my old coworker John at a wine distributor that's located there...the one and only underground wine tasting I've done, I believe.  SubTropolis is brightly lit, has wide, paved streets and maintains a temperature of around 65-68 degrees.  Among the sponsors are Panera Bread and Door to Door Organics.

Should be an interesting will be our first timed race and I'm not sure if I will find the underground part more intriguing or claustrophobic.  However, its for a great cause and it helps knowing the Taco Republic truck will be at the finish line.  These guys are known for their awesome street tacos and let's face it, if anything's going to get me to a finish line, the promise of tacos might just do it...

taco republic truck


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