Sunday, October 4, 2009

Five Guys

Today's lunch was a true comfort food destination for Keith and I. After a long, tough weekend we were ready for a Five Guys burger.

Five Guys is a burger chain that originated in Washington, DC. When we lived there, there was a location very close to where we lived in Alexandria. We had driven by the location a few times and to be honest it seemed like a little dive and weren't that inclined to stop. Yeah, I know, dives and joints quite often have the best grub and we were frankly being a little snobby. Soon, we starting seeing local publications such as the Washington Post and Washingtonian magazine lauding Five Guys as one of the best local restaurants and having the best burger in town.

Soon, we went and discovered a tiny place with peanut shells covering the floor and wall-to-wall customers. Speaking of the walls, I couldn't tell you what color they were as they were either covered with awards and clippings of publication raves or handwritten praise from customers. I remember ordering a bacon cheeseburger with mustard, pickles and jalapenos. K got a burger and we split an order of fries.

Well, let's just say one bite and we were instant fans. They use only the freshest ingredients. The burger was perfectly cooked, the bacon crispy with just the right amount of condiments. The fries were handcut and tasty and you can also get them cajun-spiced. As we made more friends in the area we realized just how many Five Guys fanatics were out there. We missed those burgers and fries so much when we moved.

We had no idea ( but were certainly not surprised ) Five Guys was growing by such leaps and bounds and were happily surprised to discover they were opening locations here in Kansas City. Five Guys opened near us, they've become a big hit and we've been going ever since.

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