Sunday, October 25, 2009

Killer Finale to a Madcap Wedding Season

Yesterday's wedding was the endcap to a productive but crazy season. Weddings were slightly down this year but the events themselves more intricate which in turn demanded harder work. The nuptials yesterday were seemingly simple on paper but proved to be monstrous to coordinate in the course of the day. The cake's flavors were wrong, the DJ had numerous issues with his equipment and the string duet tried to cancel at the last minute. These issues only capped off a string of personal disasters the bride faced in the course of the week. Astoundingly, all ended well and the bride could not have been happier. I also could not have been happier as this was the last big wedding of the official season.

Trying to shake off the exhaustion today, I was way late to start an Italian beef stew that takes nine hours in the slow cooker. It is still simmering at the moment so we'll be able to check it out tomorrow.

Quick, yummy appetizer I put together tonight: Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits topped with Cream Havarti cheese and Boar's Head Pepperoni.


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