Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jazzed to be Wed

It was a crisp and chilly October setting for the 9th annual Wine and Jazz Festival at the Elms Resort and Spa. In addition, we hosted a wedding in the middle of the madness for one of our favorite couples. Greg and Maureen are an FBI analyst and agent out of Chicago with local ties. Their reception was loaded with style, charm and wit, particularly the fake lobster they served to one of the guests.

The festival brought out local wine lovers who braved the cool air to sip and sample. The lovely lady in the posed picture at the top left of the page is Lacee, my compatriot in the wedding department and the Queen of All Things Catering. The gentleman is John, who used to be our Operations Manager and hosted very popular and still-missed wine and scotch tastings at the Elms. He is movin' on up in the hotel biz and will be soon opening a new hotel property in Illinois. His fave wine of the day was the San Lorenzo Montepulciano from Italy.

The fireplaces were lit, the chill was in the air, the wine was flowing and the jazz was smooth. Shame to have been working.


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