Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Day of Firsts: First Grill-Out; First Veggie Burgers

The weather was spectacular today...'round 70 degrees and partly cloudy.  Had a stellar run at the downtown airport and continued to take advantage of the balmy breezes by rolling out the grill for its first run of the season.  Speaking of firsts, we also decided that it was past time we take a stab at making our own veggie burgers.  Keith chose this version from as the basis and then we switched it up a bit.  Fortified with black beans, we added a cup of white and yellow corn and substituted red bell pepper for green and used Sriracha for the hot sauce.  Keith grilled asparagus outside but did the burgers on a griddle inside for fear they might not hold together.

In fact, if I had to find a complaint on these burgers, it might be that...they did want to fall apart a bit, so maybe one egg and the amount of breadcrumbs isn't quite enough to bind it thoroughly?  Nevertheless, the flavor was a zesty marvel; the spice balanced well and the slices of avocado we placed on top were the perfect compliment.  I took another for lunch the next day, sans bun, just mixed with avocado.

Now, we are hooked and can't wait to experiment with other varieties of veggie burgers.


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