Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Culinary Students Wow The Chamber

My coworkers and I attended the Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce luncheon today and the local business of the month was the ES Job Corps.  Job Corps provides education and career technical training administered by the US Department of Labor and focuses on students aged 16-24.  The Excelsior Springs chapter supports the larger organization's goals of teaching these eligible students skills to help them be successful in life.  One of those skills taught is the culinary arts and this program turns out some great talent.  We have various Job Corps culinary students who work with us at the hotel, as a matter of fact.  ES Job Corps culinary students created our lunch today and they did a primo job.

Highlights from the lunch included a bright kale salad with dried cranberries and slivered almonds, potato gnocchi, broccoli gratin, pasta salad, chicken scallopini, smoked prime rib and Champagne salad (which I came to discover was more dessert than salad and doesn't have Champagne in it at all).  It was all scrumptious; these culinary students had much to be proud of.  Rhonda with Job Corps did a presentation on the Job Corps program afterward.  It's exciting to know we are putting out this kind of talent locally and there is clearly some serious talent here to watch.  We will be attending a luncheon at Job Corps itself next week to get a closer look at their program.  Looking forward to it....


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