Sunday, March 16, 2014

Will Saki Stop The Revolving Door Restaurant Curse?

The K-Man made the wise decision to let sushi be the kickoff to a stellar night of sublime local theater (read the previous post for that full story).  Right here in our 'hood, a new sushi joint called Saki opened up in the building that we call The Revolving Door Restaurant building.  In the brief few years we have lived here, multiple restaurants have set up house, only to unceremoniously close not long after.  Some of them had strong followings including the Thai House and others were outright beloved like YaYa's European Bistro (both of these still have existing outposts, of course, Thai House in Westport and YaYa's in OP).  I was actually hesitant to hit Saki up, for fear I would like it and then, poof, its gone.  Oh well, let's give it a go...

Saki is an attractive little space, though I have to admit, I'm growing more fond of quirky touches in sushi bar decor (like toy trains and K-Pop videos), but again, that hardly matters if the grub fails to pass muster. Sakitinis are their signature sips, so order and sip them I did.  Made with vodka, and a hit of sake, they were a fine way to kickstart Friday night.  We shared the wonton soup for two as our starter and were presented with a voluminous ceramic bowl of mushroom and wonton-laden broth with accompanying ladle.  The wontons were filled with chicken and the broth was flavorful; full of 'shrooms and scallions.  Our sushi was happily very good.  We ordered two rolls: the Texas roll with tuna. jalapeno and cream cheese and the Kyoto with crab, tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado and masago.  Both were quite tasty with the edge (foe me) going to the Texas just because I like the kick of the jalapeno.  

So, Saki served up some satisfying sushi.  Let's hope it can continue to do so for some time to come.


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