Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello Ossobuco: Working My Way Through The Menu

Tonight's work meal was to dine divinely; I must say.  Quite excited I was to try one of Chef Jordan's new menu items here at the Elms Hotel and Spa.  It was a tough decision, but the fact that it had been a long time since I'd had ossobuco threw me in that general direction.  The lovely Terri joined me and entertained me with vivid tales of her lively life over the years while I patiently anticipated my dinner...

Ossobuco is a Milanese dish consisting of cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth.  The gorgeous dish that arrived on my table was this resting on a bed of sweet corn polenta with celery root puree and gremolata (a sprightly sprig of lemon, garlic and parsley).  This ossobuco was braised to perfection; the arrival of my fork literally causing the meat to faint from the bone.  The polenta was creamy delicious and I devoured every bite.   All of it was perfectly executed by Ethan, our cook for the evening.   Thank the Good Lord I was giving guests a ghost tour afterward, otherwise I might yet be found snoozing at my table.

Photo: Congratulations to our very own, Jaci, for earning THREE Medals in a recent culinary competition! We wish her the very best of luck in the upcoming State competition!

To experience #TheElms Award Winning #CulinaryTeam, you can make Reservations by calling 1-800-843-3567 or visiting http://www.elmshotelandspa.com/dining-at-the-elms.htm

Once the tour was given though, the temptations didn't yield as our young Sorcerer's Apprentice Jaci was waving some of her fresh baked goods at me.  Jaci is a culinary student that works with us and she just scored some awards at a recent competition.  Tonight, I understood why....I sampled her chocolate lover's bar and lest I not have at least one green treat on St. Patrick's Day, a key lime bar and both of them made me stomp my foot and roll my eyes with approval.  That child is most assuredly a talent to watch.

I am most blessed to work in such a culinary-rich environment.  Oh boy, do I need to run tomorrow night....


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