Thursday, March 27, 2014

Job Corps Culinary Students Impress

I spoke of a Chamber luncheon I attended last week where the culinary students from Excelsior Springs Job Corps hosted and showed off their honed cooking and service skills at the Montgomery event space.  Today, my coworkers and I went to Job Corps itself where the culinary students were truly able to strut their culinary stuff in a more intimate dining room setting.  Once again, it was so gratifying to see these students demonstrate these new skills they've learned. 

Today's meal was also a tad more upscale I must say.  We were served a platter of appetizers first...succulent calamari with a wasabi cream sauce and shrimp wrapped in bacon with pepper-jack cheese.  This was followed by a mixed green salad and our entrĂ©e which was prime rib cooked medium with a horseradish cream sauce, salmon and mussels with a lemon-butter sauce, roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and roasted Cajun potatoes with red peppers.  Finished off with a white chocolate cheesecake.  Holy cow, good students, you outdid yourselves!

The staff gave presentations about the ES Job Corps outlining the good they are doing providing these students with vital skills to help them succeed in life. Among the speeches was one emphasizing the importance of incorporating these kids into a community and I agree; the importance of this is not just pertinent to these kids but to the community itself and may just be key to the success of both.  I can certainly speak to some of the success stories of students who have come to work for our hotel.

Rock on, Job Corps culinary have much to be proud of. 


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ROCK ON INDEED!!!! ~ Kristy

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