Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Roasterie Afternoon

I accompanied my coworker April for a jaunt downtown right before our conference for a little field trip to pick up supplies.  I can't typically get away from my imposing paper stacks to join in on these little journeys, but this was a rare day...we were at that point 36 hours without internet and I had done all I can sans online at this point.  So off we went...

I've declared my love for Kansas City's premiere java company The Roasterie in former posts but had as of yet not been to their headquarters.  I got that opportunity on Friday and was instantly impressed as soon as we pulled onto the street.  The setting is unmistakable with the seemingly-soaring plane on the roof.  The airplane motif carries throughout the sleek industrial space when you enter...the reception desk looks like a steel cockpit, the cafe area looks like a stylish airport and the Bean Hangar event space is so retro-cool, the only thing missing is a plane parked in the middle of it with TWA stewardesses strolling across the tarmac.

  I peered through the giant windows of the "hangar" to peer at where the magic was made.

The coffee's the thing, though, and once we had picked up our supplies, we sampled the suggested cup of joe from the friendly barista.  Don Quijote of Costa Rica Natural is, by the Roasterie's description:
"very fruit forward, with intense notes of pomegranate and dried berries" and indeed this is spot-on; the berry taste is almost startling at first, but quite satisfying.

 The description of Don Quijote also tells the story of how the Costa Rican farmers who grow these beans are their friends and I completely believe that is most likely the case.  Roasterie's mission makes my heart warm as much as their coffee does: they are passionate about their product and powerful supporters of both local and global causes.

Love the company; love their coffee.  It's a win-win.


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