Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Quick, The Healthy and The Good: Salmon and Potatoes

Keith made a quick and delicious dinner last night: salmon with fresh cilantro and lemon pepper with french onion potatoes.  I rubbed the salmon filets with a hit of olive oil and lemon pepper and Keith cut cilantro from a plant he had and added it.  He did a large dice on the potatoes, put them in a baking dish and added french onion soup mix; a trick his Mom just clued him in on (thanks Helen!).  The salmon was put in a separate baking dish and the oven preheated to 400, then went in for about 15 minutes; the potatoes around 20-25.  Both came out well...the cilantro flavor didn't quite pop like we would have preferred, so we need more the next round, but it was still quite flavorful.  The potatoes were wonderful; crisp and tasty, though Keith said he would have done them on a cookie sheet next time to crisp them up more.

Keith has been reading up on Bob Greene for healthy ideas that will also serve as fuel for the training runs. Greene says don't fear the taters, as long as they're not fried, so bake them we did.  This will be great go-to healthy grub for the coming year.  Of course, I'm a very easy-to-please customer at mealtime...unlike a certain fussy, finicky feline who shall remain nameless.....URSULA.....


Robin said...

I won't be bad and make a comment about how easy you are, dearest darling Gregory...hehehehe

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