Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fat Tuesday Fun

We went out for a bit of Fat Tuesday fun  The Posse crew was heading to the Excelsior Springs Cultural Guild's Fat Tuesday Masquerade party at the Montgomery.  Our New Orleans diva Tiffany sent us a plentitude of Mardi Gras masks straight from NOLA.

 Kiko, Deb, Sam and Susan sported the more exotic of the masks and Keith and I instead went more (ironically) conservative.

 Bunchie knocked everyone senseless with her mask from Venice, though. I missed the memo that jambalaya would be provided at the function and we hit up Ventana Gourmet Grill for dinner first.

 My spice for the evening came from the kickin' Buffalo Chicken soup instead and it was quite fine as was the Bruschetta Chicken sandwich.  Our masked evening was short and sweet as it was a school night, but it was good to celebrate some Fat Tuesday if only for a few colorful moments.


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