Sunday, March 2, 2014

Conference Days: Stellar Brews and Killer 'Cue

Tuesday night's conference outing was a field trip to Kansas City's beloved Boulevard brewery .  After a bit of a harrowing bus ride there, we settled into Boulevard's sleek and stylish upstairs event space to start sampling the wares.  Luckily, our Spa Director Kevin was there and fellow craft beer lover that he is, he clued me in to the Rare Vos on tap and this brew indeed was a beauty.  We checked out the beautiful view of the city skyline from the patio and toured the impressive facilities where I marveled at Boulevard's phenomenal growth.

The absolutely (and truly) smoking dinner was provided by KC's killer barbecue house Oklahoma Joe's.  Nothing could have paired better with those chilled snifters of Boulevard Brew than Oklahoma Joe's blistering burnt ends, barbecue beans, spicy cole slaw and wicked barbecue sauce.  

After dinner, we settled in for the team-building portion of the evening.  The theme of our conference this year was the Olympics, so tonight's match-up was Olympic trivia hosted by Spa Director/Fire Spinner/All-Around Renaissance Guy Kevin.  Hearty guffaws filled the room throughout the night and I'm embarrassed that the one question I knew involved an Olympic mascot whose design had been turned down because it looked too much like a sperm.  

Fueled by Boulevard's best, the bus ride home was a hoot to say the least and some of Boulevard's annual chocolate ale was sampled as well.  It was a great night, to be sure.  Conference attendees truly got to experience Kansas City's superior version of beer and barbecue thanks to Boulevard Brewery and Oklahoma Joe's.

The final day and glittering awards night dinner to come....


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