Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Slice Of The Oscars

I didn't do an Oscar post this year as this ever-busier life of mine barely allowed an extra minute to think about the annual paean to all things film let alone write about it.  My bestie Kristy was kind enough to handle last year's post and shared her uniquely entertaining view of fashion on the red carpet and the show itself.  I won't drone on about the awards this late in the game, so I'll throw out some random afterthoughts: I did get five for five on predicting The Big Cinco of the awards; I'm elated that Dallas Buyers Club did as well as it did; I'm disappointed that American Hustle didn't get more Academy love as I adored that slice of 70's joy (from the performances to the righteous soundtrack) and I came away a huge fan of Lupita Nyong'o, the supporting actress award winner who's smashing look and heart-tugging acceptance speech left me hoping she gets nominated every year for the rest of her life.  I'm also grateful to be able to text back and forth my observations with said bestie, continuing a tradition that has endured since childhood.

All that said, my favorite moment of the evening came courtesy of genial host Ellen DeGeneres who humanized the star-studded proceedings by having pizza delivered in during the telecast.  However staged this may have been on the production side, the delivery man from Hollywood pizzeria Big Mama's and Papa's was a bit gobsmacked to be led on to the stage to bring his pies.

 Delivery guy (and part-owner) Edgar isn't new to Ellen herself, as Big Mama's and Papa's has been delivering pizzas to The Ellen Show for some time.  It's also not surprising to see why Ellen would dig on BMBP pies as there are multiple vegetarian options (though little for true vegans which last time I checked, Ellen was).  It was an absolute kick though to see some of the biggest stars in Tinseltown tearing up pizza in all of their finery.  Not everyone came away unscathed either, as Harrison Ford, as my father and myself surely would have, dripped sauce on his shirt at the Oscars.  Awesome sauce indeed.

So here's to the homiest, coziest Oscars I've yet to experience...and those are not two words I would typically associate with this night..  It felt unforced and in the words of one of Kristy's friends, it felt easy.  Nicely done, folks.  Now let's keep working on shortening the length of the show, whatsay?


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