Sunday, February 23, 2014

First Night Jitters

It has begun. The conference, that is; that annual gathering of my corporate cohorts that celebrates our company and all of us that are involved with it.  Last year, I blogged about my excellent experience in New York, so this year, the pressure's on as we are the host hotel.  All is kicking off well as evidenced by our first night amenities of fresh fruit, Voss water, and fabulous pastries.  The beverages were very well chosen indeed and my choices were healthy Zico coconut water and Republic of Tea pomegranate green tea and Boulevard's own KC Pilsner. Then of course, there's this bottle of Old Speckled Hen that came courtesy of a won football bet friends of mine made. Hmmm, what should it be?

 I'll have more details later, but we're in the thick of it now...


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