Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going For The Bacon

My mind's a bit disoriented after a long day of orientation today.  It's difficult to find something appetizing in the midst of a day discussing policies, procedures and bloodborne pathogens, but find them I did.  Our lunch  featured a delicious tortellini pasta salad and dijon potato salad.  Still, the old brain was ready for a pick-me-up and a chuckle and surprisingly, i found it in Sochi.

After USA slopestyle skier Sage Kotsenburg won the gold, he tweeted his gratitude but hilariously added that he wished the medals were made of bacon.  In steps Godshall's Quality Meats from Telford, Penn. with just that: a perfect replica of Kotsenburg's medal made from turkey bacon.  In fact, Godshall's relishes making meats for athletes stating that the turkey bacon is a high-protein, low-fat alternative to pork bacon and is allergen, gluten and MSG-free.

Everything really IS better with bacon.


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