Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ridin' On The Meal Train

Every now and then a person could just use a little extra help. Whether they admit it or not.

Brother-in-law Dave has had a fairly monstrous beginning to 2014.  He had just lost his father and returned from the funeral a couple days earlier when he took a tumble off a 12-foot retaining wall and broke both feet. Just the thought of it has made me walk lighter lately.  He is now recovering from surgery and will be on the mend for quite some time.  Now, I consider Dave to be a very tough individual who could handle pretty much anything, but this is a helluva lot to bear for anyone.  His wife Kim, Keith's sister, is also a very strong person in her own right and I have no doubt that she would and does handle this like she does everything else: with extraordinary grace.  That said, I know it is not easy for either of these two to admit they could use some help, even in this challenging situation.  They are also surrounded by loving friends and family who would and will descend with help whether they asked for it or not.  Aid indeed came in many forms, but their friend Michelle introduced us to a novel way to help out...a little site called the Meal Train.

I remember helping out friends who had just had a baby as well as chums down for the count for a bit that loved a visit that also included food.  Meal Train makes this process so easy, especially when dealing with multiple loved ones who want to contribute.  An online calendar is set up with the recipient's name, address, food preferences, possible food allergies, and availability.  All involved can check the calendar to see what the others are bringing or have already brought.  It's a fantastic way to organize meal assistance and Meal Train is completely free!

Check it out next time you know someone who could use a little help.


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