Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Signs of Recovery

As my own mother would tell me regarding ways I'm similar to my father: you KNOW we're sick when we don't eat.  There has been eating, but it has been a dicey endeavor the past few days.  There are signs of improvement, though.  

Keith is roasting a chicken for tonight (with Urban Accents Kodiak Fish and Game rub we bought from hometown hang The Greenhouse) and I'm actually enticed by the idea of something with flavor as opposed to the dry and stale or outright non-existent of the past couple of days.

 Keith had brought me home some culinary reads from his last sojourn and I actually cracked them a little while ago.  It also helps to see the rays of much-needed sunlight reflect on the mounds of snow, even though it hasn't cracked the bitter temps.

So baby steps.  And another pic of summer: sunlight glittering on the water from a long-ago lake weekend.  Dreaming of warmer days.


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